The advent of embossed-in-registered (EIR) luxury vinyl tile (LVT) in groutable and clickable formats, along with thicker, softer fiberglass-backed sheet floors featuring high-definition visuals, have catapulted vinyl sales to new record heights, according to dealers. In fact, they said the category is taking share from every other product segment. 

Central Florida-based, Village Flooring, used to specialize in servicing retirees with base-grade ceramic before taking on Armstrong’s groutable, upscale Alterna LVT late last year. Now, Alterna represents more than 65 percent of company sales even though it is priced higher than its true ceramic offerings.

“Customers look past the price when they see the combination of fantastic visuals with a floor that won’t crack and is more comfortable to live on,” said James Madden, owner, Village Flooring. “The real advantage, and where consumers end up saving money and time — something retirees cherish — is being able to install and grout Alterna in a single day. In one day, they get a floor that looks and performs better than what I used to provide in two days. That’s what LVT has done for me and my customers.” 

The modern designs and capabilities of LVT are not only transforming the residential tile market, they have also spurred a new generation of commercial specifiers to use them in place of vinyl composition tiles (VCT) and carpet in commercial settings ranging from grocery stores to hospitals, hotels and high-rise offices.

-Raymond Pina

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