Custom Area Rugs

Custom Area Rugs in Fruitland Park, The Villages, Leesburg, Summerfield and Surrounding Areas

Custom Area Rug Services with Village Flooring

Custom area rugs are the answer… to what you may ask? Remember Goldilocks searching in vain for the perfect chair? Finding the perfect area rug can be just as frustrating. To sidestep the time and effort wasted in fruitless searching, consider Village Flooring's custom area rug solutions. We offer this service to our clients in Fruitland Park, The Villages, Leesburg and Summerfield.

With a custom rug, you specify all the variables -- the size, shape, color, fiber and pattern – to build a rug to your unique specification. Your Village Flooring design consultant takes your list of wants and bring you the options that fulfill your needs.
Custom Area Rugs - Village Flooring - Fruitland Park, FL
Custom Area Rugs - Village Flooring - Fruitland Park, FL
How are Custom Area Rugs Used?

A custom rug can be as simple as coordinated custom runners for your staircase and upper hallway. Or, you can order an animal print from Mohawk or Shaw, have it cut and bound in the shape of an animal skin, and you will have a fabulous, guilt-free safari look.

Standard area rugs come in a limited choice of sizes. If your room calls for a 10' by 10' square rug, they are hard to find, and if you can find one, it will be costly; you can get the right size cut and bound reasonably.

Another use of custom rugs is in a rental. Landlords often forbid permanent changes, like replacing a dull floor. To get the look and comfort of installed broadloom, we can measure your rooms and cut rugs to measure, binding the edges to finish them. When you move, you can easily roll up the rugs and be on your way.

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How Custom Rugs are Finished

The unfinished edges are bound to stop them from raveling. There are two ways to bind the edges:

  • A heavy twill tape is folded in half, width-wise, and placed to encase the edges when stitched by a specialty sewing machine. The tape can blend in with the rug, or it can be in contrast
  • The raw edge can be closely over sewn with a locking stitch, this is done with a serging sewing machine. If you want to use fringe, serging is the way to finish the rug

When you need an area rug that calls for an out-of-the-box answer, come to Village Flooring. Whether you want a deep plush you can wiggle your toes in like a Bliss Carpet from Beaulieu, one of those animal prints or even a natural sisal, doesn't your one-of-a-kind home deserve a custom area rug?